About Us

Our hitory and our future.

About Us

StarBoard is a global leader in innovative technology solutions

StarBoard is a leading manufacturer of interactive technology solutions for over two decades with distribution in over 70 countries worldwide. From interactive whiteboards to interactive flat panel displays, our innovative products are the perfect solution for any collaborative environment. Whether you’re in a classroom or a conference room, our technology solutions are designed to improve engagement, performance and learning experiences. With StarBoard, there is no limit to what teams can achieve. Our mission is to bring quality, value, and innovation to our customers by creating unparalleled collaborative experience.

About Us

Our mission is to help organizations and education environments to embrace digitalization and collaboration. We are specialize in the production of interactive technology (IFPDs, IWBs and associated devices).

StarBoard Software

Intuitive and interactive software solutions offer a collaborative platform between hosts and users.

StarBoard Hardware​

Our market leading interactive displays for schools and meeting rooms are converting everyday meetings and lessons into lively and engaging environments.

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