StarBoard eChart is a Digital Flip Chart

Your ideal tool for conferences and classrooms. Simply write with dry-erase pens and transmit, share and save the content in real-time with smartphones or tablets.

Show your notes on mobile devices

Install the eChart app and connect to WLAN enabled mobile devices simply by scanning a Quick Response (QR) code.

Traditional writing with digital notes

Use a dry-erase pen to write on the glass surface (42”) or ceramic surface (84”), and transmit to mobile devices in real-time, including the erase function.

Real-time sharing

Connect up to 32 terminals simultaneously, thanks to the built-in WiFi hotspot and the QR code.

Save your notes

Save your handwriting as a JPEG snapshot, and manage your snapshots of current and previous sessions in the library. Save to USB flash drive using the built-in USB port. Use zoom-in and zoom-out gestures for viewing on your device.

Compact modern design

Tempered glass / ceramic surface and Standard Micro USB power input. Including mobile floor stand for eChart42.