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About StarBoard and Our Core Values

StarBoard is on a mission to transform education and the workplace for the better. Helping our customers get the most out of cutting-edge technology ensures a better future for you and your community.


StarBoard is a global leader in innovative technology solutions

StarBoard Solutions is at the forefront of creating advanced technology solutions that enhance collaboration, communication, and interaction for businesses and organizations worldwide. With a firm foothold in industries like education, healthcare, government, and business, our products have been widely adopted and acclaimed.

Situated in Berlin, Germany, StarBoard EMEA boasts a rich legacy of crafting state-of-the-art products designed to amplify productivity and streamline efficiency for businesses, schools and individuals. We are ceaselessly broadening our product range and venturing into fresh markets, driven by our mission to refine and revolutionize how people collaborate.

As a dominant producer of interactive technology solutions, StarBoard’s reach spans over 70 countries through our expansive distribution network. We pride ourselves on crafting tools ideal for fostering connections and collaboration on a global scale.

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StarBoard Solution Offers Websites in Multiple Languages

Our Passion

We’re an e-learning company, and our passion is to create an environment that allows organizations and education environments to embrace, collaborate and interact with technology.

StarBoard Software

StarBoard software solutions are interactive, intuitive and collaborative, making connecting easy for users.

StarBoard Hardware​

Starboard's Interactive displays and whiteboards transform daily meetings and lessons into lively, engaging environments.

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