EDLA Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement

Google EDLA (Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement) is a program introduced by Google in late 2022 to help solutions providers offer devices with built-in Google Mobile Services (GMS).

The EDLA Google Certification signifies a display’s comprehensive integration with the Google ecosystem, including Google Workspace and Microsoft 365. This certification allows educators to effortlessly access their Google accounts, files, and collaborative tools directly from the StarBoard SBS Note Software, streamlining their teaching process.

This certification encompasses the full suite of Google EDLA (Education License), enabling educators to leverage Google Drive for storage and file sharing, Google Docs for word processing, Google Sheets for spreadsheets, Google Slides for presentations, and various other Google applications. Such integration ensures educators can easily incorporate digital resources into their teaching, facilitating file access, editing, sharing, and student collaboration.

Moreover, EDLA provides access to the complete Microsoft 365 suite through the Google PlayStore, which includes widely used applications like Word, PowerPoint, Teams, and other Microsoft productivity tools. This feature allows teachers and students to create, edit, and present documents, presentations, and spreadsheets directly on the display, enhancing classroom productivity and collaboration.