The Connected Classroom is a learning environment powered by StarBoard Solutions that takes the educational experience to the next level. With customisable cutting-edge technology that is user-friendly, interactive, and dynamic, educators can bridge class learning with the real world, setting up students for success beyond the classroom walls.

StarBoard QS1 OPS

StarBoard TE-QS1

Informative, Functional, Intuitive

The QS series touch displays by StarBoard are ideal for educational presentations. The QS1 incorporates the newest infrared touch technology, offering 2x 15W front speakers and four colour pens. For a top-tier remote engagement leaning solution, explore Starboard’s renowned Software Suite.

StarBoard QS2

StarBoard TE-QS2

Side-Bars, Sleek, Educational

The StarBoard TE QS2 sidebar is versatile and ideal for education, video conferencing, and presentations. Our SN-series QS2 boasts the latest infrared touch technology and features an ultra-slim frame. Its multi-touch capability ensures user-friendly interaction, and the expansive surface delivers outstanding performance.

StarBoard provides hardware, software, and cutting-edge technology tailored for diverse learning needs—from whole-class and small-group sessions to formative assessments and collaborative education. Our solutions empower teachers to boost student outcomes and nurture critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and creativity skills.

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