StarBoard IFPD Container Calculator

A Game-Changer in Shipping Efficiency

The logistics of shipping large and delicate items like Interactive Flat Panel Displays (IFPDs) can be complex and challenging. We proudly introduce the StarBoard Interactive Flat Panel Display Container Calculator to address this issue.

This cutting-edge tool revolutionises how businesses calculate the number of IFPDs they can pack safely and efficiently into shipping containers.

How the StarBoard IFPD Container Calculator Works

This innovative tool simplifies the process of planning shipments of IFPDs. Users enter the IFPD size and containers they wish to ship, and the calculator instantly provides the maximum number that can fit into each type of container.

This process considers the padding and spacing required to ensure the safety of the displays during transit.

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IFPD Container Packing Configurations

For more information on mixed container configurations and how to add additional products, please get in touch with starboard on