StarBoard TE-YL6

StarBoard TE-YL6

StarBoard TE-YL6 uses unique IR technology is an All-in-one Video Conferencing Product.

Starboard’s All-in-one Video Conferencing Product has an integrated 4K Camera, 4 Microphones and 2 x 15W Speakers allowing meetings and lessons to be conducted remotely. With Zero Air-Gap Starboard TE-YL6 allows for perfect Glide Touch Experience. The added bonus of all three Starboard Software included helps seamless remote engagement with fantastic software tools.


Equipped with the StarBoard Interactive Software.

Finger-Driven Technology

Drawing and navigating through activity.

Compatible with
Windows, Mac OS,
Linux and Android

StarBoard speakers

Built-in Speakers

StarBoard Slim Design

Ultra-Slim Design

StarBoard multi touch

Multi-Touch within
DrawView – Gesture
Recognition Patent

HD and UltraHD

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