InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas Recap

InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas Recap

🌟 InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas Recap 🌟

I had an incredible time at InfoComm in Las Vegas, despite the scorching 113°F weather!

Compared to last year’s event in Orlando, the layout was a bit challenging. The conference halls from Central to West required a 15-minute walk, making it tough to schedule meetings in both halls. The shuttle buses were small, often full, and took a longer route, so walking was usually quicker. Despite the lighter footfall, the quality of attendees was exceptional, attracting real technologists and buyers.

Here are my key takeaways from the sessions I enjoyed the most:

Wednesday Highlights:
🔹 Enterprise IT Meetup: Covered trends in IT with many takeaways and notes to share with my team, especially insights from Scott Josephson.
🔹 Empowering Innovation: The Critical Role of Women in STEM: My favourite part of the day! The inspiring talk on the significant contributions of women in STEM featured a panel with Bradford Benn, Brittany Greer, and Erica Carroll. Their stories were incredibly impactful, motivating me to prioritize mentoring women. Let’s continue to uplift and support each other!
🔹 All Women in AV Meetup: A fantastic networking session celebrating the achievements of women in the AV industry. It was great to converse with buyers and fellow females in our industry. The biggest takeaway was learning about the programs and apps they use to stay organized—I have already implemented them and feel superhuman.

Thursday Highlights:
🔹 AVIXA Women’s Breakfast:  The 10th annual women’s breakfast marked a significant achievement for our industry. The opening address from Tammy Fuqua was inspiring, followed by guest speaker Danielle Feinberg. Her words about the value of being different are something I will remember forever and never be ashamed of not be a conformist.

Friday Highlight:
🔹 Wellness in the Workplace: A Focus on Mental Health: Addressing mental health in the workplace, this session was incredibly insightful. As a boss, I learned the importance of listening to and understanding the difficulties my personnel face and how other leaders manage different needs. Jenn Steinhardt from Milsom and Wilke discussed accommodations for mental health, and I enjoyed hearing about Jessica Sanders’ journey. I was in awe that a manager at Absen, the host, Kaz, provided great insights and described the seven interdependent dimensions.

I am looking forward to next year’s event in Orlando and continuing to feel embraced by the AVIXA Women’s Council and the broader AV community! 🚀✨

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